Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pyjama Party!
— or The Importance of a Muslin

Well, I thought I would have a chance to finish one of my sewing challenges on time. I hadn't done anything to the pyjama bottoms, but I thought that they're not that hard, so I will just sew them up today. I had a pattern and everything.
My lovely dinosaur fabric :)
Simplicity 3696 The pattern I was going to use

The first thing I noticed was that I actually don't have the elastic for the waist. Then I thought, I'll just sew them up and buy elastic next week and add that, so problem solved. So, on to making a muslin. For my measurements I was a size M, but looking at the finished garment measurements I decided to go with S as I like my clothes bit more fitted even when it comes to pyjamas. The muslin was quick and easy (even the patch went over well: my sheet wasn't wide enough for both front and back pieces, so I added a bit of fabric to the missing part and it wasn't pretty, but hey, it's a muslin). But then I tried it on. I noticed right away that I could use the whole 1.5 cm seam allowance instead of 1 cm I was using on the muslin, since the pants were quite big enough. BUT: the front of the pants seemed huge while the back seems a bit tight. And I don't think my bottom is that big... I've heard it's one of the problems with big 4 patterns.

So no pants for today. I love my dinosaur fabric that I was going to use and I will get the Tofino pattern and try if that would be any better for me. Although I think I will play with the muslin, if I can figure out how to make them better. And if I can't, well, that's why you make muslins, right?

I'm just a bit annoyed, since I haven't been on schedule for any of the challenges I wanted to do. I was right on track to begin with, but then work happened. And I have this article I need to finish that's about my Master's thesis, that I should really have finished already and that I have to do on my own time. So, I feel a bit guilty even thinking of sewing... But I'm almost done with that, and work is less crazy now, so more sewing :) Although I will be away for most of July... But I have about a week before that: I will get something done, some refashioning at least, and when I'll be back, I have so many plans...

Friday, June 7, 2013


So, what's happening on twitter...? You can get your very own sewing dare! Basically the idea is that someone else challenges you to sew something you haven't done or are a bit afraid to try. Or think you dislike, but kind of need. It's all about fun and not stress and after reading about this from Gillian's blog, I decided I wanted one. I mean in addition to all the challenges I'm doing and being late with...

So, when I asked for a challenge, Clare from Sew Dixie Lou suggested I make a circle skirt for dancing. And Gillian suggested I sew one of my Sewaholic patterns. So, I decided I'd take them both up for a challenge. I have already bought a fabric that I thought I'd use for the Cambie dress and I have an idea about Thurlow trousers as well, I actually have some fabric that could be used for the shorts version. So, we'll see which one I tackle first. I also have knit fabric I thought I'd use for a Renfrew top.

My knit from Spoonflower
The Cambie dress fabric deserves a few words. I actually "designed" some of my own fabric with Spoonflower. I didn't really read all the instructions and just uploaded the picture and considering that, it turned out pretty amazing. I'm not sure about the fabric quality, I did order a knit fabric at the same time and it seems a bit more high quality than the cotton sateen. Basically I uploaded this Hubble image of the Orion Bar and made it a fabric:
Star Factory at the Center of the Orion Nebula
Credit: NASA, C.R. O'Dell and S.K. Wong (Rice University)

And why is this picture so special? Because this is what I study: The Orion Bar, the bar-like structure which you can see on the bottom left in the picture. Or that and the area towards the stars that can be seen in the middle of the picture. The awesome thing would be to make the dress for my thesis defense, but that will be like in 2 years. So, I think I will make this sooner. It can always be my presentation dress. The black looks a bit greyish, it's not so bad in this, but the black I ordered is worse, because the whole fabric is the same color. But I wanted the matching fabric since I thought I would only make the skirt part of this picture fabric. So, I hope I will get to this soon. I'm pretty excited to make something of this farbic! I also love the equation knit. I need to buy some color coordinating knit, though, for the hem and the cuffs. Well, there are a few choices in that fabric.

For the circle skirt I thought I would use a fabric that I just picked up from the post office yesterday:
Isn't it lovely? I think it'll make a perfect circle skirt for dancing. I kind of was thinking about dancing when buying this fabric, since Aristocats and swing sort of go together (just see Everybody Wants to be a Cat). So, I have a plan for the circle skirt as well.

Other fabrics I got with the Aristocats one was a Hello Kitty kimono crepe, which seems very slippery, but so wonderful and a dinosaur flannel, that I'm planning to use for some pyjama bottoms for the pyjama party this month. 

I mean, who doesn't love dinosaurs? Especially in pyjamas? Well, also in anything else, like in this dress by the Cation designs.

But why I'm not sewing and just planning, you ask? Well, I've been really busy with some actual life (we had Paris Lindy Exchange last weekend) and also with work. And I twisted my ankle, which kind of makes everything a bit hard. I did finish cutting all the pieces for my Réglisse today, but managed to growl in pain couple of times, since cutting fabric on the floor isn't the most ankle friendly position. And now, I don't have a sewing table or a sewing room. I have a studio and I'm lucky to have a table for the sewing machine. But, now it's cut and hopefully I will finally finish it soon. For the Great Gatsby dress, I think that will go on to the back burner for awhile. I actually could use some pyjama pants, so I will try to finish them on time for the pyjama party and I also have the SwimAlong, which I'd love to finish this month. But there will be a flapper dress. Hopefully by the end of the summer :)