Monday, September 2, 2013

Monthly Stich: September - Vintage Patterns

So, september is here and so is the next Monthly Stitch challenge. This is right up my alley: vintage patterns. I haven' yet sewn one, so I'm quite excited. And as always I'm not taking the easy way out, as my pattern is unprinted one... But I think I can work it out. Let's hope so anyway :)

So, for my pattern, I've chosen one from my stash (yes, I'm starting to have a stash. It's from the 40s (hence, the non-printed situation), Simplicity 3194. I'm still going to trace this pattern, because I want to preserve the original. We'll see how it goes. I also will take a bit more time and measure everything from the pattern to do adjustments to the pattern before making the muslin. Because I really want this dress to fit nicely. That is I'm using my Craftsy course (Fast-Track Fitting by Joi Mahon) technique :) I'm not good with muslins if there are a lot of alterations, and this way I'm hoping that I have only few adjustments to the muslin. I'm thinking of making the short sleeve version, since I think that would be better for dancing. Although I think I'm skipping the rick rack braid this time. I might add some tatted lace, if I have time and energy to tat enough of it.

I'm quite excited about this. I have a fabric, I decided to use my flower fabric, which I bought from Paris about a year ago when I was here for the interview (so not the yellow one, I'm just too lazy to take a new picture of the fabric... But I still need a belt buckle and some contrast fabric: I'm thinking red. Or I might go for solid blue like the background color, or possibly white. Depends on what I find. Finding the right color to go with fabric you already have is not always easy-peasy. All the other notions I should have already. I found a huge amount of snap fasteners, since I tend to buy them and not remember I actually have some at home. Well, at least I'm not in danger of running out...

I'm kind of torn about this project. I'm excited and really nervous at the same time. But I guess I never learn if I don't try...

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