Sunday, March 9, 2014

Slow beginning of 2014...

So, life has been crazy for me. Lot of traveling, both for work and for fun and I've been somewhat sick most of this year. Nothing super serious, but I did break some ribs from coughing... In any case, I haven't really felt the urge to pick up a project. Last year I did do a skirt for my niece/goddaughter for her birthday. It's basically the same circle skirt I did for myself, but it has a elastic band as a waist.
The skirt - ready to be sent
What was actually better than the skirt: yes you guessed it - the bubblewrap...
For myself, I haven't really done anything. And now I'm in UK for a month, so no sewing machine... But I took some knitting with me, we'll see how much I get done. I have a sweater I started long time ago and it's basically just missing one sleeve. I wanted already to finish it, but realized I didn't have all the yarn with me in France. So my mother found the rest and brought them when my parents came to Paris. I have no idea how it ends up fitting, I got the Sweater Surgery class from Craftsy just in case.

I also took yarn for another sweater, which I'm planning a bit better with the help of another Craftsy course: Knit to Flatter (Can you see the addiction here? But I love just watching the courses, even if takes me a long time to actually use the knowledge...). Hopefully I have time to at least start that.

My scarf
The new yarn
Yesterday I went to a local Hobbycraft store in Milton Keynes. I ended up spending £50 for odds and ends. Well, I have this scarf that I love a lot, a friend made it for me. And I saw similar yarn it was made from and decided I'd like another one :) This might wait until I'm back in Paris, though.

I also found something interesting I hadn't seen before and as it wasn't super expensive, I thought I want to try... It's a knitting loom. I like leg warmers a lot and decided to try how it would be like to knit them with a loom... I basically just need basic rib stitch, so it's should be fairly easy. There's a booklet, though so the loom comes with instructions for socks, but it uses the same size heel for all the sizes, which I find a bit strange. But there seems to be a lot of information in the net (what a surprise) about loom knitting, so I should be fine.
Knitting loom and the yarn for legwarmers
So, hopefully I have something finished soon. Sewing will have to wait until I'm back in Paris, but I have some ideas (+ few things I've started). Hope my life will be a bit less crazy for a while...


  1. Hey, you're alive! Hope things settle down for you soon.

  2. Yes, although it was close... No, not really, but I did brake my ribs (on both sides) from coughing. So I did feel I was dying...