Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We'll always have Paris

I was in Paris for a week for an interview and was able to take some days just for fun. So, of course I went fabric shopping... The fabric area is close to the Sacre Coeur and there are few big stores, but there are bunch of little stores that sell 'coupons', which are 3m pieces of fabric. You can get these very cheaply, but most what I was looking at were 20 - 25 €, so mostly on the higher priced side (I have an expensive taste, I know...). But I did make couple of finds that I actually bought.

The yellow fabric was surprisingly only 1,5 m and consequently 5 €, so I just had to take it, since yellow is pretty much my favorite color. Then I looked and looked and didn't see anything for awhile. Or did see, but they were too expensive to buy without having a plan what to make of them. But then,  at the last store I went to, I saw this perfect fabric, that was so 1940s. The first one I saw was with blue flowers and I was contemplating on it, but then I saw this one with red flowers and I was sold. This is what I think when I think about the 40s. So, this will become a swing dress. Hopefully very soon.


  1. I like them both, Anna. I have been wanting a gingham dress (not in yellow, maybe blue, or orange?), and the blue w/ roses--wow! That will be a fun one to sew up.
    Here's Lucy:
    The first is polka-dots, the last is gingham--either would be great for the red roses fabric...

  2. Thanks for the tips. I'll sew the colette book first, but I'm looking forward to some swing dancing dresses :)