Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pyjama Party!!!

Karen at Did you make that? is hosting another pyjama party in June (starting June 3rd - yes, I'm taking a bit of a head start, although not with sewing - June 23rd being the big reveal). This was partly inspired by the release of the new Sewaholic Pattern: Tofino Pants. If you haven't heard of the last year's party, you can read about it here. I was so sorry to miss it last year, this was the time when I was getting back into sewing, but hadn't really found the community and my favorite blogs. So, I'm thrilled I can take part this year. Especially, since I really need sleepwear. I tend not to buy too many, usually sleeping in old t-shirts and stuff, but maybe I'm getting old or something, but I really want some cute pyjamas :)

And I have acknowledged this on some level at some point, since I have actually bought a sleepwear pattern!
Simplicity 3696
And I'm thinking of using this for the pants. Or at least making one pair from this pattern. I really would love to get the Tofino Pants pattern, but I really need to not use so much money and use the patterns I have instead... But if I make enough patterns I have, I can buy it for sure in the future. Although I kind of want to know how the Thurlow's look, my waist and hip measurements are not really in the same size with these patterns...

But, I was going to use the pattern above for the top too, until I saw this:

How awesome that it's free. And a real reproduction of a 1930s pattern! And my size! I think I will do a muslin just to be sure... But I really don't know if the pants above fit with this top. Well, depends on the fabric choice of course. But the same site has also these French Knickers:

So, I might just do those for a bottom... We'll see. I really haven't thought about the fabric, but something slinky would definitely do justice to the pattern. And then there's always The Ruby Slip, although I don't know how comfortable it would be to sleep in... I think I will go for the 30s/40s style this time. Because for me the sleepwear is all about comfort and only a tiny bit about looking good.
I'm really excited about this! First of all, I this is something I really need in my wardrobe and second, everyone seemed to have so much fun last year. Unfortunately I can't jump up and down on my bed, since I have a loft bed (I hope that's the correct term: at least that's what Ikea uses...). Or maybe I can borrow someone else's bed...

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