Wednesday, May 15, 2013


My sewing challenges are coming along, I did some fitting with my mother while I was in Switzerland. I didn't really have to change anything. Except keep the bodice with extra length for Réglisse. But I had forgot to order lining for my flapper dress (and the zipper!) and I realized that with the fabric I bought for Réglisse, I need to line it too. So, I'm waiting for some extra material now. But hey, I decided to go for another sewalong...

Katie at Kadiddlehopper and Leila at Three Dresses Project are hosting a swimsuit sew-along. I have a hard time finding swimsuits and/or bikinis I like, so I decided to give it a go. Also, it's on till the end of June, so I have time even if I don't start sewing before June... But I got my pattern already! I went for Mrs Depew Vintage's One-Piece Bathing Suit. I was looking at the lovely 40s pattern as well, but this has my size. So, if this goes well, I might try that as well.
I also ordered a fabric:
Fabric from Spandex House
I'm thinking of making the halterneck version. I think I will like the feel of it more. I'm quite excited, although a bit afraid as well, since this will look horrible if it doesn't fit well. I'm also really happy about the pattern, although I really wanted to make this:
Hollywood 1341
But I couldn't find where I could buy it. Or I did (and it was the right size!), but it was $85 + shipping, so I think not... I will keep a look out for this, however, since I'm totally in love with it. But I think I'll be happy with my current pattern as long as I can make it fit...

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