Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Réglisse trial run

Woohoo! The muslin for Réglisse is done!!! Well, it was done on Sunday, but I just hadn't taken any pictures of it.
I was too lazy to do anything to the picture... It was already a job to get a picture of me were I didn't look like I was drunk. And sorry for the mirror, the better one (without the butterflies & stuff) is currently occupied behind drying laundry...
It looks like there's not too much to change. It doesn't have the rubberband in the waist yet, so it will get some shape with that and I didn't bother doing the sleeves and collar. Those I think won't be a problem. I thought I would've had to do something about the waist length, since I cut out the size 38, but my waist is more like 40. But there's totally enough fabric and I think I prefer little bit less fabric there anyway. I did add 3/8 to the bodice length, but used the 5/8 seam allowance (I'm trying to get used to inches since I'm using the English instructions, the cm are in the French booklet... luckily I have a measuring tape with both measures in it). It's weird, even though I'm short my bodice still needs lengthening... But the bust looks good and the darts are exactly were they're supposed to be! I think it turned out pretty good, and I think the only problem is my scoliosis, so I will try to fix this when I fit it with my mother next week in Switzerland (sometimes you need to go far for fitting help...).

I decided to take this whole week off from work, because I have things to do at home and no one's at work anyway, since 8th and 9th are holidays in France. I got my flapper dress patter in the mail and I already cut out the muslin and I will sew it tomorrow. And I have one swing dress that I've the muslin (well, muslin sounds too fancy, I just use old sheets, hence the weird looking fabric) cut out like 2 years ago, and I try to sew that tomorrow as well, if I have time (I also need to clean a bit and pack and catch the train...). I will get my dress form tomorrow from the post office, so I should be able to do my own fitting when I get back from holidays :) I don't know how well it adjusts to the crooked spine thing, though, but it's not something people tend to notice (except when I'm tired, then they ask me if my leg is hurting...), so I think I'll be ok, even if the fit isn't perfect on that part.

In any case my challenges look pretty good at this point. I still haven't gotten my fabrics, though, but I expect to have them when I return from Switzerland. I'm getting a bit sick of sheets and would love to have some other kind of fabric...


  1. It's looking great! This dress would even look great without sleeves and in a white fabric. I'm excited to see your finished dress.

  2. I know! I wasn't too excited about this pattern in the beginning, but then I saw the sew-along and now I can't wait to make it. And I'm in love with the fabric I found, at least I think I'll be, I haven't seen it live yet, ordered it from the internet...